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Fluxus Retrieval
and Recycling Facility

Are you burdened with worry over old, used Fluxus books, objects or products from the 1960's and 1970's that clutter your attic; fill valuable space in boxes and drawers?  Are you worried that they may be becoming unstable? There is a high probability that they may be leaking toxic fluxivity into your environment without you even knowing it.

Worry no Longer!

Our fluxclutter retrieval specialists are here to help. We will even pay you 50% of the original value of the materials this fluxclutter is made of up to $5.00! That's more than you would get at any salvage yard if you got anything at all. Our state of the art facilities are prepared to receive those possibly toxic unwanted items. Our cutting edge Fluxus Retrieval and Recycling Service is the finest and possibly only such service in the world.
When collecting together your old used Fluxus clutter, be careful not to damage the objects as they may emit fluxivity. Please wear protective clothing, gloves and shatterproof eye ware to protect yourself and your loved ones from exposure. Be sure to pack well in bubble wrap or newspaper and double box if you are able. We would not want you to be responsible for any leakage of Fluxus into any area where our mail carriers or members of the general public may be exposed.

You can see what lengths our specialists go to while handling the Late Italian artist Piero Manzoni's 1961 feces-de-résistance "Merda d'artista no. 19.
One of our specialists had heard of a rumor that Manzoni had actually been canning the excrement of the fabled Bonnacon.

However during their investigation they found that the can was actually a fluxus forgery filled instead with the ploppings of an elephant from the local zoo!

So we urge you to, as quickly as possible, rid yourself of these potentially dangerous and possibly toxic objects posing as art.

When ready, send to:

Fluxus Laboratories
R & R Facility
6955 Pinon Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76116

You'll be relieved that you did.

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