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Welcome to FLUXUS Laboratories. We set the standards for Fluxus activities, test products and procedures, offer approval and provide certification processes for those working in the field.   Fluxus Laboratories explore the world's most crucial and complex problems. Laboratory personnel play leading roles worldwide in basic and applied Fluxus research and product development. Whether it's conducting crucial experiments in procedures related to Fluxus events and performances or developing breakthroughs in Fluxus theory and determining how best to dispense Fluxus into the general population, our experts and specialists help lead the way.
As broad, deep, and complex as the Laboratories' activities may be, 12 Lab wide Ideas convey their essence, and recent achievements toward them demonstrate our commitment. Additionally, Fluxus Laboratories is testing the following additional ideas or qualities of Fluxus works.

Twenty Four Additional Fluxus Ideas

Contemporaneousness - many works are intended to be present in the present rather than left for history or for the future.

Interactivity - many fluxus works intend to be directly interactive rather than views from a distance

Equivocalness - many fluxus works are designed to be ambiguous and open to multiple interpretations

Inclusive - a fluxus idea is to include rather than exclude whether other members/non-members of the group or spectators/audience

Poetical - many works have a poetry quality to them

Portability - many fluxus objects are designed to be easily stored and moved about through shipping or mail services, often reduced to scores to be realized on location rather than created in a studio and then moved about at great expense.

Productionalist - many fluxus works are intended to become manufactured multiple products rather than unique works of art.

Programmatic - many fluxus projects happen according to a plan or program

Communal - many fluxus works are held in common among a group of artists for general use by all of them.

Didactic - many fluxus works are intentionally instructional

Progressive - works that take previous ideas in a new direction

Self Empowered - many fluxus works exhibit an indifference to accepted norms

Mimetic - many fluxus objects mimic commonly experienced products, designs, scientific procedures, government activities, etc.

Nostalgic - many fluxus artists often refer to past works in current works and/or use retro design concepts

Tentativeness - fluxus works are often the product of uncertainty - works are often created without a certain intention in mind allowing the artist to explore alternate possibilities

Quirkiness - works often exhibit a certain strangeness or unusualness about the thought processes used in their creation

Obsessiveness - many works imply an obsessive nature in their creators

Uselessness - works often, as part of their quality, render useful objects or performance materials useless or apparently useful activities are accomplished to achieve uselessness.

Materialistic - many fluxus works exhibit a love of the materials that they are made from and exhibit attention to those materials. Many fluxus works do not suggest a dialog beyond their own scope.

Multidimensional - many works can exist in a variety of forms or are designed to have a multitude of possible meanings

Adaptive - many fluxus works are intended to adapt to new situations and are not locked into a specific place, time or style.

Collaborative - many fluxus works or collections of works are the result of collaboration and/or are intended for collaboration between artists or between artist and public.

Porousness - Fluxus has no rigid boundries and allows anyone to take up fluxus activity. Anyone can join in with other fluxus artists and be accepted as a part of the group.

Revolutionary - many fluxus works suggest a program of revolution against one thing or another and especially against the 'establishment' or status quo.

Impervious - Fluxus as an idea is impervious to historification.

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