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Product Design and Assembly

Artists, designers, assemblers and fabricators play an important role in the Fluxus manufacturing process. They assemble both finished products and the pieces that go into them. The products they assemble using tools, machines, and their hands range from seemly insignificant, trivial objects to intricate musical devices as well as artistic, performance and theatrical artifacts. They fabricate and assemble Fluxus products from common household goods, appliance parts, use digital photographic and reproduction processes and use parts, computers, electronical devices, vintage objects of all sorts, as well as designing and producing stamps, labels, seals, box assemblages, display cases, paper goods and more.

Changes in technology have transformed the manufacturing and assembly process. Automated manufacturing systems now use robots, computers, programmable motion control devices, and various sensing technologies. These systems change the way in which goods are made providing a wider range and selection of components used in fluxus products. The more advanced assemblers must be able to work with these new technologies and use them to produce fluxus though, at this time nearly every fluxus object is made the old fashioned way.

The job of our Fluxus assemblers and fabricators ranges from very easy to very complicated, requiring a range of knowledge and skills. Skilled assemblers putting together complex fluxmachines, for example, begin by reading detailed instruction scores, schematics or blueprints that show how to assemble the fluxus product. After determining how parts should connect, they use hand or power tools to trim, shim, cut, and make other adjustments to fit components together and align properly. Once the parts are properly aligned, they connect them with bolts and screws or by gluing, nailing, stapling, riveting, welding or soldering pieces together.

Careful quality control is important throughout the assembly process, so assemblers look for faulty components and mistakes during the assembly process. They help to fix problems before products are produced. Quality of process, materials and construction is our top concern.

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