Twenty Four Additional Fluxus Ideas


Many works are intended to be present in the present rather than left for history or for the future.


Many Fluxus works intend to be directly interactive rather than viewed from a distance.


Many Fluxus works are designed to be ambiguous and open to multiple interpretations


A Fluxus idea is to include rather than exclude whether other members/non-members of the group or spectators/audience.


Fluxus as an idea is impervious to historification. It maintains a stance of being forever in the present.


Many Fluxus works have a poetic quality to them.


Many Fluxus objects are designed to be easily stored and moved about through shipping or mail services, often reduced to scores to be realized on location rather than created in a studio and then moved about at great expense.


Many Fluxus projects happen according to a plan or program, often an easily repeatable program.


Many Fluxus works are held in common among a group of artists for general use by all of them.


Many Fluxus works are intentionally instructional.


Fluxus works that take previous ideas in a new direction.

Self Empowered

Many Fluxus works exhibit an indifference to accepted norms and often work outside of the art establishment.


Many Fluxus objects mimic commonly experienced products, designs, scientific procedures, government activities, etc.


Many Fluxus artists often refer to past works in current works and/or use retro design concepts.


Fluxus works are often the product of uncertainty - works are often created without a certain intention in mind allowing the artist to explore alternate possibilities as he goes along.


Works often exhibit a certain strangeness or unusualness about the thought processes used in their creation.


Many works exhibit an obsessive nature in their creators.


Works often, as part of their quality, render useful objects or performance materials useless or apparently useful activities are accomplished to achieve uselessness.


Many Fluxus works exhibit a love of the materials that they are made from and exhibit attention to those materials. Many fluxus works do not suggest a dialog beyond their own material nature.


Many works can exist in a variety of forms or are designed to have a multitude of possible meanings.


Many Fluxus works are intended to adapt to new situations and are not locked into a specific place, time or style.


Many Fluxus works or collections of works are the result of collaboration and/or are intended for collaboration between artists or between artist and public.


Fluxus has no rigid boundaries and allows anyone to take up Fluxus activity. Anyone can join in with other Fluxus artists and be accepted as a part of the group. Or, obversely, Fluxus artists will blend into other groups.


Many Fluxus works suggest a program of revolution against one thing or another and especially against the 'establishment' or status quo.