Scribble Testing Update #01

Communal Scribbling Test Update #01

A new project for 2020 is a communal pen and marker test. What we have done is arrange with Artisans art supply store in Santa Fe, New Mexico to provide paper test strips that are attached to the counters where all of the marking implements are displayed so that artists can test out the mark making quality of their pencils, pastels, pens and markers while they choose which tools they need for their artworks and sketchbooks. 

                                        Above: random samples from Scribble Test #2

UPDATE – Test #02 – This test was conducted from early January 2020 through early February 2020.

Copies of the test results were published to inspect and proof Book #2. This printing was in black and white. It was determined after close inspection that color is an important element of the test results and so the final manuscript was published in its current full color format.

We are currently waiting on the final proof copy so that we can approve it for distribution in the public market. The book is, however, its its final form and available for purchase from our bookstore.

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